Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Looking for a Great Escape Read? Check This One Out

Some scenes in this book contain violence, strong language, and religious ideas.

Zinovy Efimovich KoZlov is a self-made man who’s spent the last thirty years climbing the ladder of Russian military success, one rung at a time. An FSB veteran, Air Force fighter pilot, member of the elite Special Security Service, and now a cosmonaut on the global regime’s new International Space Station, he should be at the peak of his career. But Zinovy has enemies whose political power extends into space, and those enemies are determined to kill him.

Then the earth is destroyed in a nuclear holocaust and everything changes.


Gripping! Absorbing!  
Glynda Francis, pre-pub reviewer

Excellent! Excellent! I have trouble putting it down.  
Ruth Oltmann

I absolutely love it. It is such a unique story, very well written and fun to read. It was so different from anything else I have read.  
Sue Shope   

Zinovy's Journey offers a little bit of just about everything: action, intrigue, suspense, a spacewalk, relationships, revenge, philosophy, end times, a whole new world, and surprises at every turn.
Janet Sketchley, author of Heaven's Prey and Secrets and Lies

Millennium Journeys Press
ISBN 978-0-9877520-0-0


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