Saturday, August 11, 2012

Repenting and Reforming!

DUST AND ASHES~~I'm returning to the world of blogging here after a long hiatus, determined to become more disciplined and regular about posting.  I don't know if you care that much, but I feel obligated to those of you who have expressed an interest in reading my posts, and I'm sorry I haven't given you much benefit so far.
Is it wrong not to blog? Seems like it shouldn't be. Blogging is a voluntary act, after all. So why do I feel guilty for starting a blog and not doing something with it?  ;-(  Is this a usual problem with writers who feel the urge to write but don't have enough discipline to follow through? I'm not sure where the guilt comes from.  

In any case, I thank you for your grace.  I repent in dust and ashes.  And I'll try to follow up on my resolve to put some words down, on a regular basis, that will be of interest to you.

MY AUDIENCE~~I'll be posting in this writing blog about both Zinovy's Journey, the novel I've self-published, and the process of writing and self-publishing, so the blog is intended to be of interest to both readers of the novel and writers. I hope each of you benefit in some way from my random thoughts. 

If you've read the novel and are interested in hearing more about the story, the characters, or the ideas expressed in the book, you'll find that kind of information here in the weeks to come.  

If you're a writer with an interest in the growing, and rapidly changing, phenomenon of self-publishing, you'll also find posts about the writing/publishing process. 

I elected to self-publish on my own, without help from self-publishing presses, so my experiences will be of special interest to writers who are considering going in that direction.  Going the total self-pub route has its drawbacks, for sure.  But since my book came out last October I have had no regrets about doing it this way. I'll try to give you an insider's view of the process.  

YOUR COMMENTS~~Whether you're a Zinovy reader or a writer, I would love it if you would comment on posts that interest you, giving thoughts on your own reading/writing experiences, or asking questions about specific things you'd like to hear about mine.

One of the first rules of blogging is to keep posts short, so this one will end here.  If you're reading this blog for the first time and would like to read more, please sign up on Feedblitz to be notified each time I post.  I promise your mailbox will not spill over with notices that I've said something new!  But I also promise I will try to make the sign-up worth your while.

And please don't forget to comment!

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Janet Sketchley said...

Ginny, it sounds like you have lots of good things to say on this blog, and I'm looking forward to it resuming. That said, if this isn't where your heart is, we'll survive. And you can delete the blog or turn it private so you won't feel guilty for neglecting it. But I hope you'll stay.