Monday, February 28, 2011

The Miracle Has Happened!

Tonight I received the following message from the woman who performs the song on You Tube, "I Won't be Alone."

Dear Ginny Jaques,

I am glad that you chose to use my song "I Won't Be Alone" for your book video trailer. If you are still interested in using it, can you please provide some information on the book?

Sincerely, Marina Baranova


Two days ago, taking a step of faith, believing the permission would come, I went with Stuart and William to the beach to film the intro to the video trailer. It was perfect weather--cold and cloudy with no wind. William managed to look suitably mournful as he trudged up and down the beach, calling for his mother. He looked so much like my protagonist, Zinovy, when he was a little boy. So cute dressed in his bomber jacket and black woolly Russian hat! Stuart got some good shots. I am so encouraged. Another minor miracle along the way. Thank you, God.

I've also heard back from my editor, Jeff Gerke. He has given me really good feedback, but it involves a lot of re-writing. The revising will be worth it, but it will be very HARD WORK!!!! Some significant changes, to the story and the characters, are in the offing.

Meanwhile,I continue the journey with a joyful heart tonight. This little miracle was really important to me.

Next post I'll give you some of the revision suggestions Jeff has made. They're good ones.