Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Three Great Websites!

So today I'm doing research and sending off queries. Cold calling. Yes, I know it's not supposed to work, but I don't know what else to do to get this baby out there. I'm hoping once I do this assignment I will feel less agitated about not going anywhere with it.

In the process I've found what look to be some great resources.

First, Terry Whalin's Right Writing. If you sign up for his e-zine you get free copies of three of his books on using the web. He's written over 60 non-fiction books, was acquisitions editor for Howard Books for five years, and now is with Intermedia Publishing Group, a self-publishing press that looks quite professional.

Then there's a great resource with a wealth of information on Christian publishers at Lyn Cote's website. Lyn Cote sounds like an amazing woman. She's multi-published, very polished, and willing to share her wisdom with up-coming writers. Check out her hints on publishing at:http://www.booksbylyncote.com/writers.html

I'm also looking at a Christian Publishing Service "for authors wanting to present their own book proposals to the leading Christian publishers in the industry." For $98 I can put my manuscript in the electronic slush piles of many of the major publishing houses. Another long-shot, but may be worth a try.

Check them out! If nothing else, this will serve as a legitimate writing procrastination tool.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Ginny! Thanks so much for sharing these sites with us. I will definitely check them out. BTW, a while back, WAY back, you told me you liked my blog. Wanted you to know I have it up and running again, and have been talking about my firsthand experience in the recent Chilean earthquake. I STILL have fond Mall memories with you, girl!

Karla Akins said...

Hi, Ginny! Remember me? Thanks for the linkies! I'll post this to my blog, too (your post!)

Janet Sketchley said...

These look helpful, Ginny. Thanks for sharing!

And may your novel find a home soon!

Lyn Cote said...

Thanks for mentioning the resources on my website www.LynCote.net

I'll be doing my yearly update in May or June. Drop by and check.